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Photoshoot Consultation

Get Personalised Guidance for Your Ideal Photoshoot

Photoshoot Consultation

Struggling to define the right look for your professional photos? Unsure of the best way to capture your event's energy?

My complimentary 30-minute Consultation Service is designed to answer your questions, explore possibilities, and create a clear vision for your photoshoot.


  • Duration: 30-minute Zoom call
  • Cost: Free of charge
  • Focus: Understanding your specific photography needs
  • Topics: We can discuss:
    • Headshot style and branding
    • Event photography goals
    • Your vision and desired outcomes
    • Any questions you have about the process


Discover your perfect photoshoot!

Benefits of a Consultation

Personalised Insights

Get tailored advice for your unique situation.

Informed Decisions

Clarify your goals and make confident choices about your photoshoot.

Stress-Free Planning

Ensure a smooth, successful shoot with my expert guidance.

No Obligation

This consultation is a complimentary resource to help you explore your options.

Get the Answers You Need, Design Your Dream Photoshoot

Your perfect photoshoot starts with a clear vision. Let’s get on the same page during a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Before we chat, explore my full FAQ page for answers to common questions. Together, let’s bring your ideal photos to life!

The 3 Steps to get your questions answered

Book Your Spot

Choose a convenient time for your consultation.

Discuss Your Vision

Let’s explore what you want to achieve with your photos.

Plan Your Photoshoot

Leave the call with clarity and confidence about your photo project.


  • Think about the following:

    • Your Goals: What do you hope to achieve with your photos? (ex: Update LinkedIn profile, showcase your company’s culture, etc.)
    • Your Ideas: Any styles or specific looks you have in mind.
    • Your Questions: Note any uncertainties you have about the process or my services.

Use the “Book a Consultation” button on this page or contact me directly to schedule.

Yes! I offer tiered pricing to accommodate teams of various sizes:

  • 1-5 people: £499 (base price)
  • 5-25 people: £499 + £50 per person (Max: £1249)
  • 25+ people: £1249 + £30 per person

That’s a common concern! My job is to guide you through comfortable poses and expressions that bring out your natural best. I’m here to make you look and feel amazing.

That’s fantastic! I’ll outline the next steps, discuss package options, and address any further questions.

Absolutely! Consultations are a no-pressure way to explore your options and get all your questions answered before making a decision.

Not at all! The consultation is a chance to brainstorm, refine your ideas, and gain clarity together.

While I don’t provide direct styling services, I’m happy to offer guidance and share resources to help you select attire that reflects your goals.

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Start with a free consultation to ensure your photoshoot delivers the results you desire.

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